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Find a rental property with
RNV Properties

If you're looking for a property to rent then our team at RNV Properties have everything in place to help you find that perfect home. We work with landlords all over Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Greater London and The Midlands. See what we have to offer and contact our letting agents today. For a full breakdown of our tenants' process, see below.

Tenants: FAQ

The tenant process

  1. Search for a property through RNV Properties

  2. Book a viewing

  3. Attend the viewing with the agent

  4. Make an offer on the property

  5. Negotiation between tenant and landlord

  6. Completion of the tenant referencing form

  7. Provision of compliant documents to agent

  8. Receipt of updates regarding referencing application

  9. Signing of tenancy agreement

  10. Setting up of monthly standing order / direct debit

  11. Inventory and check with landlord and agent

  12. Renewal or sourcing of another property through RNV Properties

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Find the right home for you and your family with
RNV Properties.

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